Wednesday, 2 November 2016

12th Annual General Meeting 2016

Please do come along and help us plan for the forthcoming year, elect a Committee - stand for election yourself maybe - have a drink, join in a quiz......

Please feel free to bring family or friends who are interested in what we do.

Highcliffe Community Allotments Association
12th Annual General Meeting 2016
The Greystones Pub - the Back Room

Tues 8th November 7.30 pm


1.   Apologies
2.   Minutes of 2015 AGM
3.   Matters Arising
4.   Annual Reports:
a.   Chair – including a review of 2015 -2016 activities
b.   Treasurer
c.   Auditor
5.   Elections – Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
6.   8 members of Management Committee. This is an opportunity for you to be elected to one of the above positions.
7.   Forthcoming events – an opportunity for everyone to share in planning events and activities for the coming year.
8.   Review of communications – Facebook page; noticeboard and posters; website; email; meetings and minutes
9.   Use of Plot 32

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Our Allotment Social...Sunday 11th September from 12:00...

A reminder that the annual Allotment Harvest Social for allotment members and friends will take place on Sunday 11th September from 12 o'clock. 

If you want to cook something with fruit, veg or herbs you have grown then bring it along - there will be gas rings to heat pans up on and we can do tea and coffee. 

Where is it? 
Plots 33,34 and 35, just below the fenced games surface on the school field, at the top part of our site.

We hope to see you there! 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Gardeners' Question Time 7:30 Tuesday June 7th

Events June - December 2016 including visit to RHS Harlow Carr Garden free entry!

We're looking forward to a good turn out for Gardeners' Question Time on Tuesday 7th June at The Greystones - 7:30 start. 

Sunday 25-9-16 
There will be a members' visit to Harlow Carr Gardens - all welcome - free entry for HCAA members!

Here's a reminder of the events organised for the rest of the year.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Sheffield Wood Recycling

Sheffield Wood Recycling comes highly recommended by one of our committee members - it's a wonderful source of timber for raised beds and constructions and serendipitous discoveries. 

Free delivery over £20 spend

Monday, 21 March 2016

Advice and Guidance from our March Speaker Darrell Maryon, Head Gardener Wortley Hall

  • Each garden is different and it is important to observe and understand nature carefully 
  • Very important to encourage insects and spiders
  • 90% of insects are neutral or beneficial. Manage periphery by leaving it untidy e.g.rough cut nettles before they flower to provide over-wintering sites for insects More chaotic, dynamic environments are less prone to huge pest damage 
  • Intercropping camouflages crops so less obvious and vulnerable to attack Mixing flowers with vegetables is pretty and bio-enhancing.
  • Darrell plants nectar rich bee and insect attractants at the entrance to his polytunnels e.g. calendula, clary sage, coltsfoot, corncockle, fennel, fleabane, hyssop, ivy, lavender, marjoram, michaelmas daisy, nicotiana, phacelia, rosemary, scabious, sweet william, wallflower, yarrow
  • Calendula gives out root exudations that deter (potentially damaging, esp. to potatoes) nematodes from the area.
  • Pests are necessary food for beneficial insects Cherish 'little crocodiles' i.e. ladybird larvae but be vigilant about Harlequin ladybirds which are the nost invasive ladybird species on earth
  • Hoverfly larvae eat aphids
  • Wasps eat cabbage white larvae
  • Sow thistles  - they make good sacrificial plants, they host aphids so encourage beneficial predators such as hoverflies
  • Plant mustard as green manure to control wireworms (larvae of click beetles) which bore holes in potatoes
  • Sodium bicarbonate as a fungicide spray for mildew 5g (1 tsp/1 Litre water)
  • Explore nettle and comfrey teas for natural pesticides

Useful Links

High Storrs Plant Sale 8th May

The sale begins about 10:30 but we go and set up at 9:30 so if members have any spare plants to contribute please come along. Bean plants of any type, courgette and tomato plants sell particularly well and if you have some freshly picked rhubarb please bring that.

Here's a sowing guide to help you grow some saleable size plants for the second week in May. Download a copy for printing.

HCAA Open Day 3rd April 2016

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Talk by Darrell Maryon of Wortley Hall Walled Garden 1st March

Come along and hear Darrell Maryon of Wortley Hall Walled Garden talk about pest control and companion planting. Find out more about growing organically and join if you aren’t already a member.

Date: Tuesday 1st March

Venue Backroom at the Greystones Pub

This photo shows Dyer's Chamomile which provides nectar over a very long period in the summer and creates natural pest control by attracting predator insects such as hoverflies.

Join or renew your membership!

HCAA Membership

Membership is open to
  • Highcliffe Allotment (Sheffield) plotholders
  • partners of plotholders
  • people who help plotholders to work their plots
  • other non-plotholders who are supportive of HCAA

Membership fees

The annual membership fee is £5. To join or renew your membership please contact to request a membership form or download it here.

What do you get for your £5 membership fee?

HCAA provides

  • a negotiating profile with the Local Authority about tree pruning, access and other site maintenance issues
  • liaison with High Storrs School and other outside organisations on your behalf
  • site clear up days and the occasional provision of a skip to enable you to clear waste (but not green waste!) from your plot
  • A chance to meet other plotholders (and sometimes to hear a guest speaker) at our social events
  • several opportunities to attend HCAA meetings of various kinds during the year....we usually meet six to eight times a year
  • the opportunity to get invovled an contribute actively to the well-being of the whole of the Highcliffe site

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Raise Funds for HCAA

You can help us to raise funds for HCAA by using EasyFundraising when you're shopping on the internet. Just click on this link to register and choose a password. Once registered, you can order goods through the website and a donation (typically 1%) of the value of your order comes to HCAA. The retailer pays the donation, so there is no extra cost for you.