Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Clear Up Day and Cake Sale Sunday 28th April

This year's Clear-Up Day + Cake Sale will take place from 11:00a.m. This will be on Ken's Plot (33) and of course throughout the whole site. The City Council should be providing us with a skip which will be on site at the middle gate area from Friday or Saturday. Usual rules of no green waste or metal in skip - metal can be placed near roadside for collectors. If you would like to bake a cake please do! Free tea and coffee provided...Picking of general litter is encouraged  -please bring a bag and gloves - we have a few litter picking tools.

The skip is actually arriving on Friday morning about 9:30.

Thanks in anticipation of your involvement...and also please note the High Storrs School Plant Sale is on Sunday 12th May...

Ken Askew, Secretary