Monday, 2 April 2018

Sunday 13th May Plant Sale at High Storrs School

We have booked space for our HCAA tables at High Storrs School and all we need to do is fill the table tops with plants for sale - which is where all our members come in! If you can provide any veg or herb plants please bring them along - please see the attached sowing guide which is helpful if you're unsure of the timing to plant for things to be ready by mid May. The most popular plants are the things we all like to grow ourselves - various beans, salads, strawberry plants, courgettes, cabbages, tomatoes - and of course freshly picked rhubarb.
The sale starts at 10 to finish by 1'o'clock but the majority of sales are done by midday. You can bring plants along throughout the morning or arrive from just after 9 a.m. when the tables will be setting up...
Hope to see you.

Ken Askew, Sec. HCAA